Good Enough Mother Rene Syler Perfectly Imperfect Book on Parenting


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Good Enough Mother Rene Syler Perfectly Imperfect Book on Parenting

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In an ideal world, mothers would have time to hand-sew their kids’ costumes for the school play, prepare all-organic meals, and volunteer in the classroom at the drop of a hat. In reality, most moms have to settle for plopping their little ones in front ofSpongeBobso that they can prepare yet another chicken nugget-based dinner, guiltily convinced they’re falling down on the job.InGood-Enough Mother,Rene Syler pulls back the curtain to reveal the truth about modern mothering and reassure time-stressed moms that even if their children are strangers to made-from-scratch cookies, they can emerge as happy, well-adjusted, fully functioning members of society. Mother to two great kids of her own, Syler explains how she learned to chuck perfection for practicality — in short, how she became a Good-Enough Mother. She shows other women seeking to balance family, work, and some semblance of a personal life how to happily join the ranks of Good-Enough Mothers, who occasionally serve breakfast for dinner yet give their children plenty of what really matters — love, time, and support.Each essay provides welcome empathy and sage advice on navigating life’s different obstacles, whether it’s dealing with annoying Supermoms, bluffing through a third grader’s math homework, or coping with the words that strike terror into every parent’s heart (“Your son’s teacher on line one”). Offering real wisdom tempered with humor and warmth,Good-Enough Motherwill have every modern mom laughing in relief and recognition.

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Author René Syler
Number Of Pages 288 pages
Format Hardcover
Publication Date 2007-03-27
Language English
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Copyright Date 2007

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As told to Karen Moline

Table Of Content
Contents Introduction: Welcome to My World1. Casey and Cole: The Rose and the Thorn2. In the Buff3. I Don’t Care4. That’ll Get You Ten to Twenty: Crimes and Punishments5. Pinocchio’s Pals6. High-Def Is My Life7. Please, May I Be Excused?8. Chicken Nuggets Are a Food Group9. All Roads Lead to Math10. You’re Not the Boss of Me!11. No Sick Days for Mommy12. But Can She Juggle? Hell, Yes!13. Home Is Where the Heart Is14. Breaking the (Piggy) Bank15. Tough Enough16. Of Super-Moms and Halloweenies17. Another Note from Mrs. Henry18. Flunking Out of PTA19. Playdates, or We Don’t Rip Eyes off Teddy Bears at Our House20. Mommy Needs a Playdate21. Mothering My Mother22. The Boys vs. Girls Clothing Smackdown23. The Birds and the Bees24. Affluenza Season25. Never Put Unleaded Gas in a Diesel Car26. Pray for Forgiveness27. The Untimely Demise of Night-Nite Bear28. When Mom’s Away, the Cat Will Play29. Every Day Is Mother’s Day30. Double Whammy, or How to Lose Your Breasts and Your Job in Five Short Weeks Epilogue: Pajama Time


Price : 5.99